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faq’s on basic workplace skills (60 hours)

1. Why should I attend the Workplace Skills Certification conducted by edusharp?

  • Many companies prefer their employees to have the workplace skills that will help the employees to perform from day 1. These skills complement the academic qualification that an individual has learnt in college. And can be put to use from day 1 of being placed
  • edusharp is established by senior professionals from the industry who have a deep understanding of the skills and what it takes to be successful in the corporate world and hence focusses on developing and enhancing the fresh graduates in these skill sets and also offer placement to them after the successful completion of the programme

2. What is the background / experience level of the Faculty?

  • Ourfaculty carries over 20 years of professional corporate work experience and subject matter expert in therespective domain. Have extensively trained manygraduates and management trainees and easily hence can relate to their mindset

3. What does yourworkplace certificationcourse contentinclude?

  • Thecertification program includes 4 common industry-specific modules that are important for any certification  that you enroll for:
  1. Smart way to Communicate – In the corporate world, English is considered as the first language to communicate. At every step, be it internal (i.e. with supervisors or higher level supervisor, in team meetings or when you make a presentation) or external (i.e. meeting a customer, speaking over the phone) one has to very be proficient in business communication. This module focusses on preparing you to master your communication skills thereby, creating an edge over others.
  2. Smart way to excel –
    1. In Any organization, you will experience that the environment has a balance of positivity and negativity.
    2. And it’s the employee’s choice to choose the path. It has been noticed that the employees who have taken the path of being positive have always climbed up the corporate ladder and stuck there.
    3. This module focusses on teaching you the techniques of being positiveeven in a negative environment,that can applied in the workplace skills.
  3. Smart Working – Every organization promotes its employees only the employees are able to complete many tasks in a given period of time. One can grow within the organization only if he/she can multi-task. This requires that the employee is able to manage his/her time effectively. This module focusses on techniques and tools to complete many things effectively within a given period of time.
  4. Smart steer to win – In order to get a job of your choice in a good company, you have to create a lasting impression in the interview. And for that, you need to understand and learn the critical requirements. This module focusses on making you a champion in effective resume writing, interviewing skills, effective Group discussions and the way you present yourself to the interviewer

4. What is the required qualification to attend the certification?

  • 12th/ HSC pass and above
  • Students should have passed either from an English Medium school or College

5. What is the certification criterion?
The student will be certified when he meets the;

  • Minimum attendance of the programmei.e., 95%
  • Minimum assessment overall Score attained is be 70%

6. Will I be placedafter I complete the programme?

  •   No, this programme does not offer a placement

7. What will happen, if a student fails the assessments?

  • Incase of a failure, one can give 3 attempts to clear the assessment and there won’t be any charge.  But after that every reattempt will be chargeable separately

8.    What is the duration of the programme?

  • The duration of the programmeis 60 hours including the projects, real plays and case studies
  • It will be conducted daily for 3hoursfrom Mon to Fri

9. If I enroll for the Retail curriculum, will I have to undergo the entire certification?

  • No, if you have completed the level I certification programme, you can only attend the Retail domain skills training and avoid completing the 120 hours of training

10. What are the fees for your course?

  • Our fees structure is based on the merit of the candidate
  • For further information on the fees, you will need to visit our office and meet our counselor through prior appointmentonly

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