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CEOs message

I have closely worked with job seekers and providers for a long time now and my experience of this is extensive

One of the basic challenges I would face while hiring fresher’s was the lack of basic communication skills in addition to skill sets and right attitude towards work and workplace environment.

Also, one of the other challenges was the understanding of the domain regarding the industry by these candidates.

The primary reason why graduates in India are unemployable is because they lack the basic skills that make them job-ready. The academic learning leaves them without the direction of using the learning into a career

Many a times, a sincere wish was that they made careers for themselves and not just jobs, however the attitude and skills left them struggling for new job and me dealing with attrition on an almost daily basis 

That’s when I realised; the only way we can tackle unemployment was by training to be job ready. Training for skill sets would ensure that they have careers and not just jobs

By ensuring edusharp certification we are attempting to  “walk the talk” for students and corporates by getting them the required skill sets for workplace skills as well as the knowledge about the industry they would want to start their careers.

Through our certification programme we hope to bridge the gap between being educated and hired. We create an environment which is rigorous and disciplined, at the same time extending scope for creativity and student initiatives. We would rather train our candidates to be employed and put their career on a fast track growth.  

We hope at the end of our certification our students are competent professionals with positive attitude and ethical human beings for them to start understanding the seriousness of being a contributor to their organisation.


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