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Q What is the difference between edusharp and other recruitment companies?
A We train candidates as per client’s requirement brief, we do not do placements outside of training; all candidates placed by edusharp have undergone professional training

Q Why Hire and Train?
A Hire and train help your organization in saving costs as it is bundled and the cost of hiring is essentially negligible, also all attritions at the training stage are borne by edusharp and we will for  candidates that get on board post training
Q Does edusharp have any accreditations?
A By voluntary choice we have chosen to stay away from accreditations for now as it would confine us to a specific curriculum and implementing changes would be difficult, since are training programs are customised to meet specific client requirements the training and content needs constant changes.

However all our training programs are industry endorsed
Q Does edusharp conduct booster programs in addition to training programs?
A To meet specific client post training requirement, edusharp conducts such boosters to enhance productivity

Q Are all our trainers certified?
AYes all our trainers are certified. edusharp has an outstanding team of industry experts which bring together the best in class training, we ensure that there is no delivery or content dilution to the program

Q Can a client conduct audits and visits?
A Yes, we encourage clients to make visits, however such audits need a mention prior to signing up

Q Where are the programs conducted?
A The training programs are conducted at our centres or at the client’s premises.
Q What are the assessment tools?
A The programs are scientifically designed and hence the strong metric system is in built
Q Will you be able to customise the course content?
A Curriculum and content are prepared to meet specific client requirements, modifications can be done.
Q What are the commercial terms?
A Clients requirements within modules and content differ, hence the charges are usually a sub set your training requiremnets.
Q Which companies are you doing and have done business with?
Q What if edusharp defaults on the committed timelines?
A We believe in taking ownership in all the assignments we undertake, meeting clients requirement is our core centricity.


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