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A young person’s transition into the ‘world of work’ marks one of the most important milestones in his or her life.

While almost 90% of the 450 Million jobs in India require vocational skills, currently only 7% of youth (15 to 29 years) receive any kind of formal or informal vocational training.

The challenge is to provide adequate, relevant and necessary skill – sets to supplement their academic studies and make them Job ready right from day one.

We believe that the only way to lead India’s growth story is by providing adequate training and opportunity to the youth of India which will equip them with the requisite job skills

Organised private initiatives are gaining momentum in the education category and exciting prospects lie ahead in turning your investment into a profitable in the high growth business.

In our view the time has come and success will emerge, so if you have the passion to contribute to youth of India and are willing to invest your time and money.

We take this opportunity to invite you to begin a profitable and respectable business with us, a business that will lead India’s growth story.

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