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Q. Why should we encourage the students to join edusharp finishing school in addition to our on-going academic programs?

A. Academic qualifications are the foundation for any student but in addition, corporate today are hiring fresh graduates with employability skills which edusharp pioneers in. Survey Reports suggest that only 15 - 20% of the fresh graduates are adept with the necessary skill sets compared to the ever growing industry demand. This curricula for the program is developed with the objective to achieve right mix of attitude, skills and industry knowledge.

Q. What is the eligibility criterion for students to enrol?

A. This programs starts from third semester for engineering students, second semester for management and final year for the other Undergraduate streams.
Q. What is the fee structure?

A. The details of the fees would depend on the type of program should the student decide to enroll upon. Please contact our team at or call us to know further.

Q. Does edusharp guarantee placement assistance to students?

A. Yes, we do. However all students eligible for this must fully complete the requirements of the modules including attending all classes and also completing the required assignments over the course of the training.

Q. Where will the students be trained?

A. The students will be trained either at the institution after the class hours or as per the agreed schdule with the institution, depending on the number of students enrolled. We normally encourage training the students at the college premises since the location is familiar to them and it is convenient for them to stay after college. However we realize that many institutions are unable to provide this facility due to capacity constraints in which case, we advise students to attend classes at the location specified by us (normally another institution or our centre)

Q. Which locations do you operate out of?

A. As of now, edusharp is based in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur we cater to students in and around these cities.


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